Help Ukrainian Children

Ukraine has an ongoing humanitarian crisis due to the unprovoked Russian invasion of sovereign Ukrainian land, which started on February 24, 2022.  The death toll is in the thousands, and UNICEF has estimated over 2.5 million children have been displaced. This figure is only projected to grow larger in the coming months, and these children are left to fend for themselves with a large majority missing parents. Due to large amounts of funds being needed to fuel the defense of Ukrainian sovereignty, children are being left without proper homes, nutrition, clothing, and medical aid. Help Ukrainian Children was created to secure funds for the children deprived of basic necessities to resolve this issue.

Help Ukrainian Children is an entirely not-for-profit organization [We are not a 501 C3 Charity] founded by former Ukrainian nationals personally affected by the crisis to assist in feeding, clothing, relocating, and aiding Ukrainian children displaced by the ongoing Russian invasion. Through personal connections with high-ranking Ukrainian government officials, we have partnered with the Ukrainian children’s fund Tabletochki (meaning pills) to ensure that every cent donated gets to children in need. This fund has been in operation since 2011, and has been helping children with cancer.  The fund is reputable among healthcare experts, and is trusted by millions of Ukrainians.  When Russia invaded Ukraine, Tabletochki expanded its operations to helping children and their families from all over Ukraine, and those who were forced to leave the country with their medical and non-medical needs.  Any donations made can remain anonymous or displayed on our social media upon the donor’s request.  We partnered with “M&T” bank here to make sure of secure and swift transfers of any donations.

This project is purely driven by passion and serves absolutely no financial gain to the proprietors.  Most non-profit organizations only pass forward 50-60% of the donation received due to salaries and overhead costs. Our organization functions through volunteers, and none of the money donated will be used to pay out any volunteers or proprietors. To go along with this, we are operating with pure transparency. We will provide all incoming and outgoing transactions on the organization’s account on an as-requested basis. Feel free to reach out to receive this information.

On behalf of Help Ukrainian Children and kids that are suffering from war, we would like to thank you in advance for any aid you can provide. Please share this link with any friends, family, or acquaintances and together, we can assist the helpless children ripped away from their homes by this savage and brutal conflict that sees no end in sight.

Feel free to reach us at

Payment By Check

If you would like to donate to Help Ukrainian Children via check, please send your donation via mail to

26 North Court St. Frederick, MD 21701

Payment By Wire-Transfer

If you would like to donate to Help Ukrainian Children via check, please see the following wire transfer bank information

Beneficiary “Help Ukrainian Children”

Bank : M&T bank

Bank’s Address: 26 North Court St. Frederick, MD 21701

Account #  9870881738

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